DIY: Strawberry Lip Scrub

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Its getting to that time of year, the time of chapped lips. I dont know about anybody else, but I know I use lip scrubs constantly throughout the winter period. The only issue is that they can be quite expensive, so here is how to make one yourself, and providing you already have these items in your cupboard, it wont cost you a penny!

What you will need:
-Caster Sugar
-Food Flavouring (Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange..)
-A pot
-(Optional) Liquid Glucose
-A Cotton Bud (Q-tip)
-(Optional) Edible Glitter

Step 1
First of all place a teaspoon of the caster sugar into the pot that you will be using. (Remember when you add the liquid the caster sugar will shrink in size, so you can always add more later!) 

Step 2
Pour 2 drops of your food flavouring, and mix with a cotton bud (Q-tip if you're American!). Less is more when adding your flavouring, as too much can ruin it, so just add one drop at a time. If you dont have Strawberry Food flavouring you can always use Vanilla Extract, or any other food flavouring you have, however they're very cheap to buy!

Step 3
(Optional) Add in two drops of liquid glucose, this just makes the sugar mixture stick together. You dont have to do this step as it works perfectly well without the liquid glucose, but if you're struggling to make your mixture stick together then this is the product to use.

Step 4
(Optional) Add your edible glitter, I used not even a pinch of pink edible glitter. This step is optional as edible glitter is quite expensive and hard to find and doesnt really do anything to the product, but I find it looks pretty. Make sure if you are adding glitter that it is the edible kind!
Thats it! Thats all you need to do to create your own lip scrub, easy and cheap! Also, as all of the ingredients you have used are edible, you can lick your lips afterwards, and it tastes delicious! 

Let me know if you do this!
Its so simple and easy! 

January Wishlist

Polka Dot Dress / Bleak Expectations (Parody of Charles Dickins Great Expectations) / Floral Dress / Tiffanys Bracelet / Nars Madrague Eyeshadow Duo / Origins Super Spot Remover / Malteaster chocolate bunny rabbits 

Topshop Dresses
Recently I have had my eye on several pretty dresses, these two from Topshop are top of my 'to buy' list. I am all for the granny patterns and styles when it comes to dresses, and these two are just classic dresses. I can picture a white jumper worn over the top of the polka dot dress, and i can also see a baby pink jumper worn over the top of the floral one (remind me to buy those jumpers!) I dont really like the keyhole slit on the front of the floral dress, but I think that could easily be sewn up and forgotten about!

Bleak Expectations
I have wanted this since I heard Jess from Sunbeamsjess talk about it in her Christmas haul video. I remember reading Great expectations in year 10 at school, and I remember really liking it. I do like reading those classic books, even if theyre a little difficult at times! Bleak Expectations is a parody book of the traditional Great expectations and sounds brilliant, I really am quite excited to purchase it and read it sometime in the future! Plus the cover illustrations/graphics are A-Mazing!

Tiffanys Bracelet
I wear my watch on a daily basis and also several jewellry pieces and I have recently wanted a real silver bracelet to accompany them. So thats where this beauty comes in! I love the style and the cute little heart pendant, everything about it is adorable and quite simply would look lovely with my everyday jewellry!

NARS Madrague Eyeshadow Duo
I was very lucky and recieved the isolde duo from my christmas wishilst, for christmas. I absolutely love it and the quality is by far the best I have ever experienced in regards to eyeshadows. So I now have my eyes on the Madrague duo, which consists of two matte brown shades. I think the next time I encounter a Spake NK I may just be buying this!

Origins Super Spot Remover
This is quite self explanatory. I have quite bad spots, Super Spot remover supposedly removes them. Sorted. I have heard brilliant reviews about this product which makes me all the more keen to purchase it! Sadly it is quite pricey and so I am waiting for a brave moment where I can bring myself to spend that £18 on the world smallest skincare bottle.

Malteaster chocolate bunny rabbits
Although we're nowhere near easter, the local co-op was indeed selling these, and so I did buy two (it would have been rude not to, besides the bunny rabbits told me too!) They are by far the best chocolate ever, and this is being said by a chocoholic! I just...well,theyre! Its a good job I didnt give up chocolate as my new years resolution!  

My Thoughts On: Beauty Oils

I have to be honest and say that when beauty oils suddenly hit the beauty blogging scene a few months ago, I was completely bemused. After all, how can lathering oil into your skin be beneficial? I am completely accepting of new beauty trends, and if I have the chance I am more than willing to give them a whirl and share with you my thoughts and opinions. However, as someone with incredibly oily skin naturally, I couldn't see this resulting in anything pretty.

However, a few months ago I received some beauty oil samples in my Glossybox, one being the ever so popular Caudalie Divine Oil and the other, an equally popular product, Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse (aka, multi-purpose dry oil for face, body and hair). I was incredibly apprehensive to begin with, as my skin is naturally very oily and I felt like I was completely de-railing my laborious skin cleansing routine. But, as I was to learn there are different types of oils, the good oils and the not-so-good oils. Its a well known fact, that you shouldn't strip your skin of all its natural oils as this will only cause complications with your body producing more oil to replace that which has been lost. So I decided that every morning after I had deep cleansed my face and before applying my makeup, I would try out the 'oils'. 

Caudalie Divine Oil
In all honesty it looks like a slightly thinner version of your standard cooking oils, a little less gloopy but a similar consistency, none the less. It smells divine, I cannot quite pin-point the scent, however it is quite musky and strong in scent. A little goes a very long way, with two simple drops spreading over my whole face. I applied it mainly to my t-zone area, where I usually pay specific attention to when cleansing, so I wanted to give my skin some moisture back to that area. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin, initially for the first few uses it feels a little strange, however you get used to that and it begins to feel no different from a moisturiser. I found this made my skin glow and made me look dewy without looking oily and greasy. My makeup also applied more smoothly with this underneath, especially as I use a lot of 'mattifying' products which can get stuck in dry patches. Overall I thoroughly adore this and would really recommend it, even to you with troublesome skin like myself. Its also not ridiculously expensive as you can buy the small size of 15ml and I think it costs around £7.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse
On the other hand, I cannot be so positive about the Huile Prodigieuse. Not only was it the cause of quite an unmannerly breakout, but it also contains an incredible amount of shimmer that didn't give a glowing effect in the slightest, it simply made me look even more oily than usual. I will be honest and say that I trialed it for a week, before I decided my skin could not take anymore. It has quite a refreshing smell that initially made me quite pleasantly surprised. I think that the combination of the oil and the shimmer had negative effects on my skin, as in comparison to the Divine Oil, it is a lot lighter and almost more water based than oil based in my opinion. 

Both oils can be used on your face, hair and body. So far I have only tried them on my face, however I am going to re-attempt to love the Nuxe oil by using it on my hair and see if the shimmer can make my hair look healthy and luscious! 

What do you think about beauty oils? Have you tried any?

FILM REVIEW: The Revenant

Monday, 18 January 2016

The Revenant, a film that garnered unprecedented support worldwide before it even released. It resonants with me to be like a choir, with a slow murmur to begin, which then reached a crescendo, where the high notes were played out on social media with exclusive interviews and teaser footage. LEONARDO DICAPRIO SLEEPS NAKED INSIDE A DEAD HORSE CARCUS. LEONARDO DICAPRIO GETS MAWLED BY A BEAR, with all media outlets being in harmony on the LEONARDO DICAPRIO TO WIN AN OSCAR?! which undoubtably became the most powerful message and an almost aggressive melody which shamefully depreciates the films actual content.

The opening scene is one of sorrow and acts as background understanding for the audience into why Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Hugh Glass, seeks his revenge so relentlessly. Without this scene, I feel as though the revenge aspect may have been lost to some as it is not directly clear as to Hugh Glass's background and what he represents. The opening scene utilises a lady whispering in a foreign tongue, which instantly heightens the audiences senses as they try to decipher the meaning behind her words, which are rather conveniently written in the subtitles.

The film follows the hunting party after their rather unfortunate start and primitively allows you to glean each characters traits and future role (by this point you begin to believe that they will start picking off the least important characters, think Jurassic Park, where the minor characters get devoured by a T-Rex rather early on). Their main aim is to secure the pelts of animal fur which was the sole purpose of their expedition originally, and is incredibly valuable to them, most valuable it would appear to John Fitzgerald, played by none other than Tom Hardy.

It is clear that Tom Hardy plays the antagonist. His character is bullish and provocative, and in all manners out to cause trouble. Hardy plays these roles with ease, and his role as both the Kray twins in  Legend undeniably scored him the ultimate bad-boy of the moment title. (Hardy for Bond? I digress). Instantaneously I felt Hardy's accent was  awkward and contrived, all I seemed capable of hearing was a London boy that wanted to escape. However,  that feeling quickly evaporated (mainly because I was lost in the conflict on screen and maybe lost in his eyes too...) and I was absorbed by his character, with nothing within his performance to remind me of any of his previous roles. (Considering in Legend all I could visualise was his character in Peaky Blinders, one of the same, although I shall cut some slack when taking in to account that both roles were of a London many ways can  one portray a Cockney mob man?). I was utterly enraptured with his portrayal of Fitzgerald and believe that he deserves serious consideration for this years Academy Award for Supporting Actor.

The imagery thorough out the film is world class. The scenery is captured at the pinnacle moment, which enhances everything else that the screenplay has to offer. The crisp snowy landscape, contrasted at various stages by the rich red of blood. The towering trees which provided the shadows impeccably and of course the beautiful sky which presented itself green at many shots.  Their was a listless and eerie element to the slow, rolling panoramic sweeps. I suddenly felt quite small and alone, despite the fact that I was sat in a plush chair in a crowded cinema. 

The scenes that everybody has been discussing at length, before they have even viewed them, are of course the grizzly (no pun intended) fight with a bear. It was, I imagine, how Bear Gryll's wet dreams pan out. Surviving such an ordeal of course hindered Leonardo's character and for a significant length of the film he is left unable to communicate and only able to contort himself (think Leonardo when 'high' on Ludes in The Wolf of Wall Street...ah yes, the return of the dribble). The attack itself was rather intense and although, due to multiple spoilers (and the fact that you don't kill Leo off in one of the primal scenes), it was clear that he would survive, it did leave me wondering at what extent he 'survived'. 

Additionally, another highly anticipated scene is that where Hugh Glass sleeps naked inside the carcass of a dead horse to stay warm. Whilst, I believe it to be an incredibly sensible decision and one that allowed the film to proceed with its protagonist, who did not succumb to frostbite, it was rather extreme to imagine. Fascinating to view, but extreme. Although, I shall take notes regardless for nay future scenario I find myself in where I may require to keep myself warm, in the mean time I shall just increase the central heating.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Hugh Glass in a convincing manner. However, the minimal dialog didn't allow the audience to really be enchanted by his character. Whilst there is no doubt that he had everyone under the illusion that he was Glass, the incredibly brave and unrelenting hunter, it was hard to really be left speechless by his performance. Although I believe that he truly deserves his Oscar, I do think that DiCaprio was more deserving in previous roles.  As Hugh Glass, I don't realistically believe he will quite get his hands around that golden man yet.

If you have already seen The Revenant, then let me know what you thought in the comments.

eBay Haul

Sunday, 9 August 2015

 All items were bought via eBay

It is without doubt that anybody with access to the internet has spent many a minute on eBay. I for one, have a slight obsession with the site. A love-hate relationship, if you will. Totally devoted to it when I win a bargain, and totally devastated when I lose out.  However, fortunately the former seems to be more in my favour, and I am fortunate in having gained many beautiful pieces for my wardrobe.

I seems that within the blogging community, eBay is under-rated. Where else could you buy a pure silk, vintage item for £10? (see photos). Maybe its the fact that it takes time and patience, and some disappointment before truly getting any positive from it. If you know what you're looking for, then there is no better place to begin that eBay, especially if you're within a budget.

Over the past few months I have bought several items that I feel quite smug about. The first is a brand new embellished Topshop skirt, which would usually retail for £50, and I managed to gain it at £6 including post & packaging. The second is another embellished Topshop piece, and one that I was lusting after when it was available in store. The sparkly mint piece retailed at roughly £50 again, and I managed to treat myself to it at £8 including post and packaging. Another item was the black, embellished (can you see a pattern here? BIG embellishment fan!) crop top, which I paid £3 for (again, including p&p), and although I am not a big wearer of cropped items, I felt that for £3, I could add it to my collection and wear it over the top of a dress or with high-waisted bottoms. Lastly, I sealed a deal with the vintage, pure silk top (which could also be worn as a VERY short dress!) when I won the auction at £10 (including p&p). 

All items have already been thoroughly loved by myself and the best part is that no piece cost me more than £10. Which, for a twenty-year-old, who is just embarking on an adult journey with a limited budget, is very satisfying indeed.

I encourage everyone to pursue eBay in the search for a much coveted item at an affordable price, as why pay £50 when you can pay £6?!

Recipe: Fudgey Triple Chocolate Brownies

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

In the future, I picture my house being made purely of chocolate brownie slabs. Its a dream, that as a major chocoholic, I take very seriously. So, when the weather decided to put a stop to all play at the weekend, my boyfriend and I decided that we would get in practice for the return of The Great British Bake Off. 
Cut 185g of unsalted butter into small pieces and place into a glass bowl, add 180g of milk chocolate and 100g of dark chocolate and melt all together in the bowl suspended above boiling water. Be careful not to burn the chocolate. Once all melted together, leave to cool.

Prepare your baking tin, and pre-heat the oven. I have a fan oven, and cooked these at 160C. Break three large eggs in a bowl and add 200g of caster sugar and 75g of light brown sugar. Use a hand whisk and beat together until they mixture looks thick and creamy (kind of like a milkshake), which takes about 5 minutes of whisking.

Then add the chocolate mixture from step one to the egg mixture from step two. Mix them slowly together and then stir with a wooden spoon gently.

Then sift in 85g of plain flour and 30g of cocoa powder. Mix the whole mixture well, without beating the hell out of it. Then add white chocolate chips and they're ready for the oven. Bake for around 20 minutes before checking on them, depending on your oven you may need to bake them for longer (I baked mine for around 30 minutes). However, be careful not to overtake, thats a sure way to ruin all your hard-work. 

Don't forget GBBO starts next week...!

NARS Eyeshadow in Ondine

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

In recent months I have become a big fan or NARS cosmetics. Perhaps its because NARS was the first high-end brand that I indulged in, then again it may be the amazing quality and the fact that its worth every penny. I convinced myself that I needed to invest in more NARS eyeshadows, due to my love for my duo that I received for Christmas. The quality is far above that of any other eyeshadows I own from drugstore brands, and now that I have branched out into the higher end eyeshadows, such as NARS, I will not be going back!

Ondine immediately caught my eye when I was last at the NARS counter in Space NK. Its a beautiful light dusty rose shade, with a shimmery undertone, which is hardly noticeable. When worn I find it to be only a few shades darker than my natural eyelids, and its therefore an incredibly subtle colour to wear, perfect for natural makeup looks. As custom with NARS eyeshadow, the shadow is highly pigmented and it is long lasting. 

If you're thinking of branching out into the more expensive makeup brands, then NARS really is the place to begin. The prices are justifiable when you realise hoe superior the quality is. 

MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive

Friday, 13 December 2013

I very rarely shop at MAC, purely because my nearest counter is over an hour away and I dont trust buying makeup online. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I came across a MAC store on my travels in London last week. I could have spent hours, and hours deliberating over what I wanted, and I really could have bought a big bundle of items, but I am trying to be restrained and so I went in with the idea of picking up an eyeshadow. Initially I wanted Woodwinked, but it is incredibly similar to all the other eyeshadows I own, so I decided to go for something a little different. So, thats how I came to own Sumptuous Olive, which is a shade I have heard mentioned frequently in videos by Tanya Burr and Pixiwoo. Having green eyes, I felt that the olive toned shadow would suit my eyes and just be a better alternative to my go-to neutrals.

Sumptuous Olive is a gold toned olive shade, with a deep green undertone, it is ideal for green eyes. Its highly pigmented, and long lasting, as custom with MAC shadows. It is understandable as to why Sumptuous Olive is mentioned frequently on blogs and YouTube as it is a very different and unique shade. It also blends alongside brown shadows and works to create a beautiful smokey eye for green eyes.

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